Divjot Singh
April 10, 2021

How to install a WordPress Theme

Themes are an essential part of a WordPress website. They decide the look, feel and features of a website. For every genre of website, there are a huge number of…
Divjot Singh
January 2, 2021

Difference between a Taxonomy and a Category – Explained with Examples

For anyone beginning with WordPress, There are sertain terms that can be very confusing. One of them is Taxonomy. While Category is a familiar word, Txonomy is quite unheard of for a newbie WordPress User - whether a website creator or a developer. In this article, I will explain what exactly is a Taxonomy and what are the differences between a Taxonomy and a Category.
Divjot Singh
November 28, 2020

How to Set A Static Front Page in WordPress

WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform with a vision to make blogging much more efficient. Just like a regular blog, there were posts on the home page in…
Divjot Singh
November 25, 2020

Adding A Featured Image in A Post in Your WordPress Theme

One of the most important queries from the users is regarding the setting up the Featured Image or the Post Thumbnails for their posts and pages. For such a common feature, it is surprisingly a frequently asked query. In this article, we'll see how to set a Featured Image for your post.