Contact Forms are one of the most important parts of a website. You need to provide your visitors with a way to reach out to you. Whether it’s for support, a query, a proposal or whatever the case may be, you want your visitors to be able to contact you as easily as possible. Contact Forms are by far the easiest method to provide this functionality to your website. There are a number of Contact Form Builder plugins in the market. In this article, we take a look at some of the best Form Builder Plugins in WordPress in 2022 to help you add an amazing Contact Form in your website.

What is the need for you to use a WordPress form builder?

One of the plugins on this list can help you create a simple contact form and a more complex form for bookings, user registration, or whatever else you require.

Each tool will tell you which features are available for free (where relevant) and which features require a paid subscription. We hope you found this write-up helpful in your hunt for the best WordPress form builder for WordPress in 2022. Let’s have a look at it.

Some of the best Form Builder plugins are –


AR Forms

ARForms can be used to develop more complex forms and send out simple contact forms.

There are more connectors than with other form builders. There’s also a drag-and-drop designer. A variety of add-ons can enhance the functionality and aesthetic of the form builder.

The ARForms plugin adds more form elements to your arsenal, allowing you to create more unique forms. Checkboxes, star ratings, date and time, page breaks, drop-down menus, radio buttons with custom pictures, sliders, signatures, color pickers, smileys, and download choices are among the software’s many valuable features. For ARForms you have to pay one time for lifetime purchase, No any annual charges.

The following are the best characteristics of ARForms:

  • There are over 34+ form elements to choose from and real-time editing tools & 50+ ready-to-use form templates are available there.
  • The loading time is relatively rapid, and the interface is straightforward.
  • Hide or show the form’s various fields on a conditional basis.
  • Fully responsive contact forms
  • Forms with several columns and resizable fields
  • Totals, averages, and other functions are calculated using built-in math formulas and principles.
  • There are also ready-made form templates accessible to save time.
  • The ability to create popup forms is built-in.
  • There are multi-step forms and questionnaires accessible.
  • Popup menus for the navigation menu
  • Forms progress autosave


WP Forms

Here on our list is WPForms. The user interface for this form builder is straightforward. Adding fields to your design is as simple as dragging them.

You don’t have to write any code to make a great form in just a few minutes. The method is simple to follow. Create the form, then connect it to the block to make it work.The WPForms Lite plugin can be used to make a very simple template.

The following functionalities are included in WPForms Lite:

  • Notifications are sent out immediately.
  • Having Gutenberg compatibility on your website allows you to use it with Gutenberg.
  • Buttons can be customized.
  • A spam honeypot helps you catch spammers in the act.
  • There are three different form templates to choose from.
  • Constant Contact is integrated.
  • Standard forms have ten fields.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality in the builder
  • WPForms (premium) additionally includes the following extra features:
  • Over 30 advanced form fields to choose from.
  • Templates for many types of forms
  • Form abandonment options
  • For conversational forms, this is an add-on. Locker for forms
  • There are a variety of marketing integrations available.
  • Creating polls and surveys
  • PayPal and Stripe connections are available for receiving payments.
  • User registration forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

Non-developers will enjoy this freemium alternative. With our form builder, you can quickly make a beautiful form.

Using the drag and drop feature, you can move fields around. Row and column layouts are straightforward. Forms that have more than one page. Forms that have a condition attached to them are known as conditional forms. To create forms that look great on your WordPress site, you don’t need to be a designer.

A live editor will appear when you select a form template. This form builder’s free version lets you create a variety of forms.

The following features are available for free with Ninja Forms:

  • Spam prevention and management
  • An AJAX used for forms (no page reload required)
  • A drag-and-drop form builder is available.
  • GDPR compliance
  • An intuitive user interface
  • Message of Achievement
  • Fields of expertise
  • For pre-built forms, templates are available.
  • Forms with a lot of modification options
  • The Ninja Forms premium edition includes the following features:
  • Forms with numerous components
  • Accepts payments via PayPal and Stripe.
  • More layouts and styles
  • add-ons for a variety of functions
  • Conditional logic is a type of logic that is based on a set of circumstances.



For conversational forms and surveys, Typeform is widely regarded as one of the best form builder plugins for WordPress. The form builder for WordPress integrates with popular third-party apps.

Even though Typeform contains a wide range of useful features, novice users may be put off by its reliance on code. Take a copy of the embed code and paste it into each post and page on your website where you put form to display to build forms.

You’ll have access to over 60 templates for forms, quizzes, and surveys.

The good news is that their free plan allows you to create a beautiful form while also providing you with the following benefits:

  • You can select from three various types of forms.
  • Track the results in a spreadsheet.
  • Make a ten-question list.
  • Every month, we receive 100 responses.
  • Pre-made templates for forms
  • Google Sheets and Slack have been integrated.
  • Self-addressed notifications
  • You’ll get access to all features if you pay for a subscription:
  • Every month, we receive over 1,000 responses.
  • Personalize your thank-you page
  • Mailchimp Quizzes integration and a payment calculator
  • Organizing the forms
  • There are three logic jumps in each form.
  • One can build as many forms as you want with typeform.
  • It is up to you how many questions you want to ask.
  • File uploads are limited to 2 GB of storage.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

It is a feature-rich WordPress form builder plugin. The Free version, on the other hand, is only suitable for primary forms.

The Formidable is the most advanced form function Object() [native code]. Create multi-page or single-page forms easily with conditional logic and calculations; upload files, too. In order to show the data, then, views and graphs should be used to do this. It’s about a lot more than just the forms in WordPress.

You can use Formidable Lite on your blog, and it comes with the following features:

  • A drag-and-drop form builder is available.
  • Form’s Basic Fields
  • a visual form styler
  • Fields with placeholders
  • Brightly colored User Interface
  • Filtering spam
  • There are no boundaries on the number of forms that can be created.
  • Form layouts that are one-of-a-kind
  • Form-based autoresponders
  • On mobile, responsive
  • WCAG/A11Y compliance is necessary for website accessibility.
  • Export to a CSV file
  • CSS personalization is possible.
  • The premium edition, on the other hand, comes with the following extra features:
  • There are more than 18 integrations.
  • User registration form action automation
  • Submission of a one-of-a-kind article
  • There are a variety of form templates to choose from.
  • Front-end views allow you to display form entries on the front end of your website.
  • Webhooks and APIs
  • Use of Conditional login in Forms
  • Surveys and questions
  • Type of Calculator
  • Forms that span several pages
  • Tracking of Users

Jetpack Form

Jetpack Form

The team created jetpack, a popular WordPress plugin and free form builder.

Jetpack has the following features:

  • Performance, security, and site management are all managed through the program, offering free and premium modules.
  • Contact form module is a free utility product provided by the company.
  • Simple forms can be created using both the Classic and Block editors.

To add your form to the sidebar of your website, first, create a form on a page or post, then copy and paste the generated code into the Text widget (which can be a little complicated).

Contact Form 7 for WordPress

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the oldest contact form plugins for WordPress. This free plugin has over 5 million active installations. Even though it is free, it lacks a visual form builder.

Contact Form 7 has the following features:

  • Basic HTML expertise is required to create or customize your contact forms (you cannot use a drag and drop builder).
  • Add form fields like text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, and more to create simple contact forms.
  • For spam protection, Contact Form 7 can also be integrated with Google reCaptcha.
  • Many users are having issues sending emails using Contact Form 7.

Consequently, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress Form-builder plugins that fit your requirements.

Final Thoughts

So, here it is! We’ve compiled a list of best Form Builder plugins for WordPress that fit your requirements. Even if you aren’t a technical person, form-builder plugins provide a user-friendly User Interface (UI) that allows you to easily install any form element, apply every style decision, and define intricate form parameters.

In a free demo environment, you may test out all of the plugins, including their capabilities and features. Your chosen WordPress theme will indeed allow you to make all of the necessary changes.

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding how to choose a WordPress form builder? Please write down your any concern or questions in the comment box.

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