WordPress Booking Plugins 2022

Are you seeking for a strategy to highlight your current and coming events as a public relations firm? or are you a landlord looking for a trustworthy booking solution for your website? or maybe a speaker who wants to make future lectures more attractive? Regardless of your profession, a solid WordPress Booking plugin may help you set up and display any organizational task you have on your website. In this article, we take a look at some of the best WordPress Booking Plugins in 2022.

WordPress booking plugins are meant to help you organize and manage all aspects of your business, from events to different bookings and doctor visits. With that in mind, we’ve produced a list of our best recommendations to share with you. Do I, on the other hand, need a calendar plugin for my website? If you want to advertise your company or forthcoming events, or if you want to build your relationship with your audience, this is the place to be. Not to mention that it will enhance their browsing experience on your website.

As a result, please be patient with me as I go over our suggestions. Others may or may not work for you; nevertheless, others may work for someone else. These are just a handful of the tens of thousands of appointment plugins available; choose the one that best fits your needs.Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion

6 Best WordPress Booking Plugins

1. BookingPress Plugin

BookingPress Plugin

BookingPress is a robust and flexible WordPress plugin for scheduling appointments. Yes, it is a more comprehensive and dynamic plugin that streamlines your website’s online appointment booking procedure with its fantastic capabilities.

It’s suitable for a wide range of service businesses, including salons, barbershops, spas, tutors, consultants, wedding planners, dealers, house inspectors, and physicians, to name a few. The nicest aspect about BookingPress is that it runs on WordPress for free.

Key-features of BookingPress:

  • Fantastic UI and UX.
  • PayPal support for Online Payment.
  • Options for Simple And Quick Configuration.
  • Prepared for translation.
  • Great admin dashboard for keeping track of your business.
  • Customized Email notifications.
  • Captcha-free in-built spam protection.

2. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments

It’s an easy-to-use, versatile free booking calendar and time management application, as the name suggests. Easy Appointments would assist salons, cleaning services, personal trainers, attorneys, and other small companies.

It helps you to keep track of time and appointments across many locations and staff. You can use this plugin if you have more than one service.

3. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

A straightforward freemium service. Visitors may check dates and times and hours (or any other service you provide) and book in advance quickly and effortlessly using the WordPress booking calendar. It may be used as a plugin or a widget (the differences are detailed here), and it can be incorporated into posts and pages, as well as synchronized with Google Calendar.

This plugin also includes CAPTCHA, which helps you eliminate spam registrations. The premium edition, which contains extra features and capabilities, costs $59 for Single Site use.

4. Pinpoint Booking System

Pinpoint Booking System

Another free WordPress calendar booking plugin is here! Pinpoint is a WordPress booking plugin that is adaptable, quick, and easy to use. You may use it to schedule services, manage appointments, and make reservations for events. This plugin can also accept online appointments and reservations for you. If you want to make further modifications and add more features, you may browse through Pinpoint Shop for add-ons.

5. Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita


This free plugin is unusual in that it can be used on iOS and Android devices via a mobile app. This booking tool works as a self-service scheduling system that you can control from your phone while you’re out and about. It’s great for planning parties, classes, and one-on-one meetings. To improve customer service, you may also opt to automate email confirmations or reminders to clients.

6. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar

This basic and uncomplicated WordPress calendar plugin is great for homeowners who rent out their houses for brief periods of time. All of the important tools you’ll need to keep track of your bookings are included in the free edition.

You may make a single, user-friendly calendar that shows visibility. Additional capabilities in the Premium edition allow you to further modify the timetable and exert greater control over it. The cost of a single website begins at $39 per month.


So, this was the list of best booking plugins in 2022. If your website doesn’t support a feature you wish to utilize to display your events and calendars, these plugins can assist.

Whether you run a medical practice, a beauty salon, a band, a marketing agency, or any other sort of company, these WordPress calendar and event plugins are among the finest. Choose the one with the most features and functions, and let us know how it worked out. We hope we were able to help you save time during your quest.

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